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​Our Team

One of the unique benefits of receiving Dayspring services is our team approach. While each therapist and teacher is experienced in looking at the whole child, there may be some occasions when she consults or generates ideas with a therapist of another discipline. For example, your priority for your child might be learning to walk, but you are also concerned about her communication skills. Using our team approach, your physical therapist has immediate access to an entire team of speech therapists with whom she may consult. You may see only one teacher or therapist, but you have access to the collective knowledge and experience of an entire team of professionals.​

Our Transdisciplinary Team is made up of:

Dayspring Program Manager

    Shannon Kluth

Program Coordinator
    Virginia Brown

Early Childhood Special Educators ("Teachers")
Early Childhood Special Educators (ECSEs) support children in all areas of development. We focus on determining how children learn best, what motivates them, and what holds their attention. We provide parents with information on the next developmental steps and ideas and activities to assist and motivate children towards further learning. We also look at how children interact with other children and adults in their lives (social and emotional skills), how children play (play skills and socialization), and at how independent they are in eating, toileting, and dressing.

Our Teachers are:

      Mara Kuczun, MA, ECSE
      Early Childhood Specialist

      Pat Uhlir, ECSE

      Early Childhood Specialist


Occupational Therapists ("OTs")

Occupational Therapists assist children in areas like development of fine motor skills in order to complete daily activities and play. For example, we may teach a child to use his hands to hold a bottle, play with toys, or use both hands together to play ball. We look at children's abilities to use their bodies and their sense of touch and movement to explore and learn. We also help to promote independence in activities by helping children learn how to feed or help dress themselves.

Our OTs are:

    Kate Hines, OTR, M.Ed.
    Occupational Therapy

    Sara Ostrom, OTR
    Occupational Therapy

    Carla Mangine, OTR 

    Occupational Therapy 


Physical Therapists ("PTs")

Physical Therapists assist children in developing gross motor or large muscle skills such as sitting, crawling, and walking. We use a variety of methods of treatment including handling (in which we may move and stretch the child's muscles) and techniques (incorporated into play) to develop new ways to move. We share information, ideas and techniques with you so that you can assist your child in participating in activities at home or in your community.


Our Physical Therapist is:

    Jill Valenti, RPT
    Physical Therapy


Speech Language Pathologists ("Speechies" or "SLPs")

Speech Therapists assist children in developing speech and language skills, as well as to improve oral motor abilities, such as feeding. We look at ways to help you help your child communicate better. We provide information, ideas and activities to enhance your child's understanding of her world (receptive language) and ability to express his/her wants and needs (expressive language).

Our Speech Therapists are:

    Jenny Kozlowski, MA, CCC-SLP
    Speech Therapy

    Janine Randol, MA, CCC-SLP
    Speech Therapy

    Kristina Pickett, MA, CCC-SLP

     Speech Therapy

    Lee Hamilton, MA, CCC-SLP

      Speech Therapy 

    Jensen Hanyak, MA, CCC-SLP

      Bilingual Speech Therapy


Social-Emotional Supports

Social-Emotional supports use a variety of play and art strategies to support children in social and emotional areas of development such as playing cooperatively with other children and tolerating distress. We assess the child's interaction style and developmental history to determine how this may be affecting his/her behavior. We provide parents with skills to help their children manage frustration and express their wants and needs in an effective manner. Most often, we work within in a consultative model to educate parents on social and behavioral supports for their child.

Dayspring is part of Imagine!, a private, not-for profit corporation that has been providing supports for people who have developmental disabilities since 1963.